Filming in Thailand

Nicholas Simon (producer) is Filming in Thailand

DATE : 17.01.2024 | VIEWS : 550


Stephane Lambert Nicholas Simon

Nicholas Simon is an American/Hungarian dual national who has made a significant impact in the film production industry in Southeast Asia. After initially pursuing journalism, he discovered a passion for film and founded Sud-Est Productions in Vietnam, where he serviced and co-produced multiple films. He later sold the company and moved to Bangkok, where he established Indochina Productions, which has become the go-to production company for big-budget Hollywood studio films and Fortune 500 advertising needs in Southeast Asia. Simon has worked as a line producer and executive producer on several major films, including Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. His upcoming projects include the adaptation of Jon Swain's River of Time and Lawrence Osborne's Hunters in the Dark. Link to his work: Join us as we delve into the vibrant Thai film industry, featuring a diverse range of content from both local and international filmmakers. In each episode, we explore the mesmerizing landscapes, unique storytelling styles, and cultural nuances showcased in the hundreds of movies, series and documentaries produced in Thailand every year, through the eyes of our guest. Hosted by STEPHANE LAMBERT Recorded at TERO RADIO studio in Bangkok, Thailand Produced by Wishtrend Thailand for a Podcast Company Presented by TERO Creative Lab

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