Filming in Thailand

Patrick Carr (director) is Filming in Thailand

DATE : 14.02.2024 | VIEWS : 589


Stephane Lambert Patrick Carr

Patrick Carr, an Oxford University graduate with a first-class honors degree in Chinese, gained extensive industry experience at Bain & Company, consulting across various sectors. In 2006, he founded the award-winning production company Mandarin Film, known for producing ambitious projects in China. In 2021, Patrick co-founded 247 Pictures, focusing on creating original Asian content for major streaming platforms.

Link to his Production Company :

Join us as we delve into the vibrant Thai film industry, featuring a diverse range of content from both local and international filmmakers. In each episode, we explore the mesmerizing landscapes, unique storytelling styles, and cultural nuances showcased in the hundreds of movies, series and documentaries produced in Thailand every year, through the eyes of our guest.


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