Filming in Thailand

Paul Spurrier (filmmaker) is Filming in Thailand

DATE : 31.01.2024 | VIEWS : 500


Stephane Lambert Paul Spurrier

Paul Spurrier is a British writer-director residing in Thailand, notable for being the first Western filmmaker to create a Thai-language movie. Starting as a child actor alongside industry legends, he later honed his skills at the London International Film School, receiving recognition for cinematography. His debut feature, 'Underground' (1998), set in London's music scene, achieved cult status and international acclaim.Paul's involvement extends beyond filmmaking, with contributions to Thailand's film industry promotion at prestigious events like Cannes Film Festival and the American Film Market. His recent project, the mini-series 'Eullenia,' released on Amazon Prime, continues to garner positive reviews and international awards.

Link to his latest work 'Eullenia':

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